Behind 'Zero Definition'

‘Zero Definition’ started as ‘This Is Me’, a project developed by Bri Mays and Hannah Dorey to explore natural and truthful beauty - no makeup, hair not done, raw and natural.

We sent out flyers, emails, posts and more, calling those interested in being photographed (who attend Stephens College - we kept it on campus to better connect with & showcase the students that make up our community) to sign up.

The response was astronomical.

The people we got to interview and photograph? Even better. Each person that stepped through the doors of the studio were uniquely beautiful and incredible in their own ways.

Unfortunately there were too many photos and quotes taken on the day to include in the final magazine, however this new bog platform allows us to showcase them here!

Below are the extra quotes and photos from the project, and it's our privilege to share them with you.



“I think inner beauty is the most beautiful. I think it’s even more important than the outer beauty because when you’re beautiful on the inside it radiates and slowly appears on the outside.” -Tina Pham

“For me personally it feels more gratifying to hear that I'm a kind person. I feel like that's more fulfilling.” - Ayanna Smith

“Natural beauty is really embracing who you are and what you want to be. I don’t think it literally has to be how you roll out of bed, but how you feel the most beautiful.” -Ella Shirk

“Natural beauty is your outward physical appearance, and is amplified by what you have on the inside; your personality, your passions, and the things that you love.”- Megan Murray

“If I am feeling good about myself, it doesn’t matter what my hair looks like, or what I look like on the outside. I feel good and I think that shows.”- Mandi Schroff

“If you’re struggling to embrace your outward appearance, I’d say look more inward because I think it all comes down to how you feel about yourself as the person on the inside. That helps you accept who you are on the outside.” - Abigayle Huggins

“Natural beauty is embracing what you have and being proud of it.” - Sophia Taube

“Natural beauty is being comfortable with who you are, and not so much of what other people think. I think if you feel natural in whatever it is, whether it’s makeup or not - I think it’s important for you to be yourself; if you like yourself with makeup that’s great too!” - Tiffany Goalder

“Beauty isn’t something that’s on your face. It’s like a kick ass personality. Someone who is just rocking the world.”- Claire Nelson

“Natural beauty to me is knowing who you are and what you are is enough.” - Sicily Mathenia

“It is always good to feel like you are someone even when you’re bare. It allows you to be in your own element it allows you to understand yourself, it allows you to find yourself more, and it gives you more self confidence.” - Corinne Bobrow-Williams

“Be yourself and do what feels comfortable to you. Don’t try to be anyone else or look like anyone else.” - Emma Wicks

“You radiate a certain energy that only you can create, & what other people perceive.” - Elise Schinsky

“My best advice to give someone who is struggling to find confidence is to never compare yourself to anyone else and be your own person. Don’t let what people tell you get in your head. Just focus on your well-being, self love, and self confidence.” - Corrine Bobrow-Williams

“Look in a mirror and tell yourself all the things you appreciate about yourself. If you see your reflection talking to you, it’s more empowering than repeating it in your head - it makes it feel more real.”- Elise Schinsky

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