Behind 'Women N’ Music'

During the first four days of March, I spent countless time attending concerts and interviewing talented musicians on behalf of Stephens Life for Columbia’s very own True False Film Festival. Upon the announcement of the 2018 music lineup, I developed a deep interest in interviewing the women musician as it appeared to be impressively diverse. Among this outstanding list of artists, we interviewed three female musicians, Pinkcaravan!, Tonina and Thanya Iyer, as well as 1 male producer, Namesake. This interview has opened up the conversation about various issues they have faced individually, along with ways to combat change

According to the organization "Women In Music," the gender divide across all regions in this industry is roughly 70% male to 30% female and only 6% of recognized producers in the US and Canada are women, with 15% of record labels being woman-owned. As the data shows, inclusivity is needed in the music industry and it can be done from the support of the listeners, their male counterparts and most importantly by allowing them to have a voice that can be heard and spoken out unapologetically.

Pinkcaravan! + Namesake

Read about their experiences through their own voices in the new 2018 Spring Rise Up Issue.

Photography by Brittany N. Spiva at True/False Musician Lounge and Cafe Berlin

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Thanya Iyer

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Tonina Suputo

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