Self Care for the Zodiac

Story: Jaedyn Colvin

Graphic Design: Savana "SJ" Johnson

Self care looks a little different for everyone. Some enjoy shutting out the world and taking a nap while others run for miles to clear their head. Whatever it is you enjoy doing to destress and calm the mind is great! What if you are not sure of your perfect self-care day though? Ask the stars because they are never wrong. Whether you are trying to figure out what method of care is best for you, looking to try something new, or just love reading about all of the signs (haha, me) here is a list of self-care activities to try because life gets hard and sometimes you just need a mental recharge.

Aquarius, you can often be identified by your free thinking attitude and known as the "water bearer." That is why face masks are the perfect way for you to take the time to pause and start recharging. You also have so many different options to choose from to keep your light hearted spirit awake when self-caring.

Sweet and sympathetic Pisces, you will go to great lengths to ensure the happiness of those around you. That takes a lot out of you, leaving you emotionally drained and tired. That is why the best self-care tip for you is to unplug and take a nap. You have done so much for everyone around you, now it is time to do absolutely nothing.

You fiery ram, you are constantly about racing toward your goals at a dangerous speed, which can lead you to burn out faster than anyone else. To avoid stopping something too early, just because you are tired, try a cardio workout instead. This fast paced exercise will allow you to get out of your head and still feel strong within yourself.

Taurus, you have a strong awareness of yourself and you are often very in touch with your body. That is why you are so tense when life gets tough. Treat yourself to a deep tissue massage. It is exactly what you need to relax your stubborn muscles and clear your mind. Once you release all those knots you can continue to focus on what is important around you.

You curious, intelligent, and bright Gemini. You are often told how great of a thinker you are. There is always new things to learn and you are eager to gather all of the information. That is why you should take some time out to read or listen to a podcast about something inspiring. This is a productive way to channel all of this bubbling energy inside of you.

Cancer, you have a reputation for being over-emotional, unpredictable, and spiteful. That's okay. Try Metta meditation, this Buddist meditation practice is all about kindness and giving love to the world. By starting out your morning with this mindfulness practice you can set your mind, body, and spirit in the right direction to channel all that emotion into positive things.

Passionate and playful Leo, you are always looking for an outlet to shine in. Try making something new. A diy top, take some photos, or even making a tiktok dance will allow you to forget about the outside stresses and focus in on being the main character.

Virgo, you tend to have a lot of mental energy, making you frequently stressed and tense. Take the time to pause and reflect. There is too much going on in your mind and you need an outlet to get those thoughts out. Try journaling, this free flowing writing will help ease and tire the mind allowing you to feel at peace.

These air signs are often concerned with balance, harmony, peace, and justice in the world. To help center the mind, try a yoga lesson. Finding balance and peace within yourself would be great for you, Libra! After a vinyasa flow you will be able to strive to create equilibrium in all areas of your life.

The mysterious Scorpio. You do not always know how to express your feelings, leaving you bottled up inside emotionally. That can be really draining on you. Try taking therapy. It is a great outlet for you water signs to let out your emotions.

The lovers of freedom, Sagittarius. You need to take time to get out of your everyday routine because you crave adventure! Take a road trip on impulse or go on a hike. These new found views and adventures will allow you to stretch your wings.

Capricorn, you are extremely driven and enthusiastic about life, but you tend to be hard on yourself when you are not working towards the goal you have set. Try creating a small list of tasks to get done around you. These can be simple tasks like vacuuming, loading the dishwasher, or doing a load of laundry. Then reward yourself with some tea and your favorite candle to settle down and unwind.

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